Fränkischer Hof Events

Half day tours:

Shoemakers magic

On the trails of a very big past

Robber hunt

Between cave, gorge and pine woods

Schafkopf diploma

Lern THE franconian card game

Search for dinosaurs and ocean

Discover fossils on the ground of the primordial ocean

Songs for the soul

Between piano sound and tales with the winner of the german rock and pop price

Full day tours:

Main-Jura dream

Between tradition, delicacies and beautiful views

Castles, ice caves, old mills

A special day in the franconian switzerland

In god's garden

Monastery, basilica and a famous math master

World heritage Bamberg

One day in one of the most beautiful Cities of Germany

Wagner, beer and figures

Between world music and pewter culture

Veste and franconian specialties

The Coburg area and it's living traditions