Business and more

We facilitate your framework organisation with three proven package deal, so that you can concentrate fully on the main contents of your conference.
Whatever you choose, we take care that nothing will be forgotten. Of course you can plan your conference individually.
Just contact us for an offer!

Our conference rooms


Video system per day € 30,00, Euro
Flipchart paper per page € 1,00,
Beamer (resolution 1024px * 768px)
Magnetic board and pinboards (10)
Photocopies per copy € 0,30.

Technical equipment:

Internet connection (ISDN and WIFI)
Projection screen
Overhead projector
Telefax (per sending € 0,25)
Facilitator's toolcase

Our conference package deals from 8 persons

Base package

Book additional services for the break:

Bavarian stop

Fresh pretzel with veal sausage (to be eaten befor 12am!) home made fruit salad.
in the morning € 7,50 per person


Two half rolls with tasty toppings per person and home made fruit salad.
in the morning and afternoon € 7,00 per person

Fitness Check

Fine whole grain croissants and herb curd, home made fruit salad, creamy joghurt and power bars
in the morning and afternoon € 8,00 per person

Sweet Intermezzo

Home made tasty cake specialties.
in the morning and afternoon € 4,00 per person


Fine three-course-meal of our excellent kitchen including beverages, coffee or espresso.
per person 18,00 €

Evening pleasure

Tasty three-course-meal or franconian specialties from the buffet. 1 beverage included.
per person 18,00 €

Of course you can order a la carte, too.

Active business "Treasure hunter"

You and your team are starting to an extraordinary journey.
Team spirit, imagination, logical thinking, fair amount of courage and decisiveness are in demand.
You and your team are set out on a search for a mysterious place.
Puzzling clues lead you through the deep forrest, over rough and smooth, centuries back and forth into the future.
An adventurous paper chase, either as a team of as a challenge against each other and the time.
Exclusively developed for the Fränkischer Hof.


Package 1:

„Get the stick“

ca. 5 km
2,5 - 3 hours

Package 2:

„The never ending treasure“

ca. 12 km
5,5 - 7 hours

Bookable from 8 persons

Active business "Wellness"

Our skin is the mirror of our soul and a sign for all our contacts. You can see stress on the skin. The Active Business treatment will help you in several ways:
Free your mind, relax and go out happily.

For a relaxed and bright male skin. Cleaning, peeling, facial massage with Farfallia gemstone oil, active ingredient mask, final care.

Duration 60 minutes 35 €